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What:  Peaceful rally protesting Rep. Mike Turner's anti-animal vote on H.J. Res. 69

Where:  Outside Turner's Dayton Office, 120 W. 3rd St. (2nd St. side of Federal Bldg.)

When:  Wednesday, May 10, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm.


Aware of Rep. Turner's history of voting against animals and the environment, local advocacy group Vote 4 Animals wants him held accountable for his anti-wildlife vote on House Joint Resolution 69.  This resolution overturned a humane, science-based, protective rule for native carnivores on 16 national wildlife refuges in Alaska.  The House majority vote sanctioned the killing of hibernating bears, the gassing of wolf and coyote pups in their dens, spotting grizzly bears from aircraft and shooting them after landing, and using steel leghold traps and snares to trap grizzly and black bears. 


The resolution, authored by Alaska Rep. Don Young, is designed to boost prey animals for recreational hunters.  It had the backing of the National Rifle Association, the Safari Club, and some hunting guides.  These barbaric practices have been the rule in Alaska for several decades, until the Obama administration put measures in place to protect some of Alaska's iconic wildlife living in refuge areas.  H.J. Res. 69 was passed by the Senate, and signed into law by President Trump on April 3, 2017. 


On April 20, 2017 the Center for Biological Diversity filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Anchorage against the U.S. Dept. of the Interior and Secretary Zinke. 


Please join Vote 4 Animals on May 10.  Let's make sure Rep. Turner's constituents are aware of his heartless and cowardly vote.  (Ten Republicans actually voted against the majority decision.)  If you can attend our rally, please RSPV to:  lleas@gemair.com    If possible bring a sign -- Examples:  Turner Cruel to Wildlife  - Turner Vote Harms Biodiversity -  Where's the Compassion? -  Protect Wildlife!  -  Don't Kill Hibernating Bears!   Wildlife Matters! - I Care About Animals and I Vote! - or posters of bears, wolves, etc. 

Contact Rep. Turner's office at (937) 225-2843 (local) or (202) 225-6465 (Washington D.C.)    Contact Vote 4 Animals at Vote4animals@gmail.com.    



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